And the ocean’s blue
wish I was a sailor
All my dreams come true
with my Cabo tailor
from: Caxias
I’m praying every day now
and I’m waiting for the rain
To wash my blues away
and take away my pain
Lord, lord have mercy 
this very day
from: Release my soul
There’s nobody out here
at this point of no return
I’m just a desolated man
and my poor heart burns
Seems that everybody left me
but the devil’ s by my side
I never felt so broken down
’n I ain’t got no place to hide 
from: Hard Times
The sunbeam
the bird
the wing
The reflection 
makes me sing
like a newborn
like a new leaf
You’re here
you are real
And make me feel
so good, so glad
that we share the wine
and the bread
’n the love
and the bed
from: You’re Here
Come on son let’s ride
Come on kid let’s ride
Let’s ride across the plains
and through the desertland 
It’s gonna be all right
just hold my hand
from: Let’s Ride
When you look at me
and smile
You make my day
and my life
from: Hairdown
I’m heading for the tree of solace
Looking for the woods of consolation 
Away from desperation 
and the land I left behind this night 
from: Tree of Solace
Words by Alex Jr
Photography by Jonah Konijnenburg